No complicated websites or ‘carts’ for your customers. No captcha codes. Just WhatsApp.
No setup, we just give you a number and you share it with your customers.
You already take orders by telephone, uber eats and maybe even through a website. Why not add WhatsApp?
Orders immediately come through. We play a sound and alert you on a tablet, as soon as a customer places their order.
There is only a 5% commission on orders. As opposed to other services which come at a whopping 30%.

How's that for a profit margin?
Because customers pre place their orders, there is much less contact. Make your customers feel safe.

We don’t dictate your business, Chew Chew is an evolving system. We start from a small list of features and add it when it’s necessary. This means less stuff you don’t need, a cheaper system, and no garbage features.

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